Collection of frequently asked questions. How to buy a subscription, and for which I can decide? Depending on your needs, you can purchase any of the subscription options available in our catalog. You can opt for a progressive Web application PWA that will facilitate access from any mobile device or tablet to a fully … Read More

First Steps

Create your application 100% customizable, and Dótala of the best features, designs and functionality. Once you have an active subscription, you can access the Administration panel of your application using a previously assigned user and password. Choose the layout and design that you like, and customize with different colors and texts. Select the functions … Read More

Pre-viewing on mobile devices

Once you have created and designed your custom application, you can see it before it is published on your mobile device. To do this, follow these simple steps: Log in with your email in our admin panel. Once inside, click on your application. On the left you will find a menu with all the … Read More

Features you can include in your Apps

Audio and music Insert your favorite music. Add a playlist through the three options available, itunes, Podcast, or custom. Personalize your content with a title and a chord image. -itunes: Search by songs or artists and create a playlist. -Podcast: Copy and paste the URL of a favorite podcast you already have created in … Read More

Publish your application on Apple Store and Google Play

If you’ve come this far, congratulations! Your application is about to be part of the Google Play and Apple Store application platforms. The process of publishing on Android is as follows: Generate your APK and upload to the console of Google Play console. Fill in the application information sheet with all the requested options. … Read More

Create your application in a few minutes and with personalized help

From the first moment we will help you to perfect your idea and define a good project of mobile application. Remember that it will be essential to define your project well, be precise about what you need your business app and niche market. You can start to create your native or Web applications immediately … Read More

Become an application Provider

If you want to have a personalized environment at your disposal, to be able to sell applications to your clients, please contact us and we will inform you.