Native app for IOS & Android devices

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Basic subscription of a native application on the Android & IOS platforms.

What is this type of subscription?

The subscription gives access to the creation of a fully customizable application and adaptable to different types of devices.

It includes a basic package of functions that can be included in the application, a custom domain, the sending of push notifications, the generation of the different source codes and a storage of up to 20 GB.

This subscription does not include the publication of the application, so it will have to be managed separately from the service providing the information necessary for the customer to do so.

What are the accesses granted?

As with other types of subscriptions, you will have a management panel through which you can access the creation and management of your application.

It includes a basic package of functions with which you will be able to create an application totally adaptable to your requirements.

Do I have additional help or some kind of support?

If, when hiring any of our services will have a support and contact system, as well as a forum to which you have full access to consult on any questions as well as possible problems or errors that may arise in the process of creating The application.