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What are the Progressive Web App, PWA?

The PWA are basically web pages, which through the use of Service Workers and other technologies behave as normal applications. Service workers allow you to create offline, effective experiences and through them and other technologies, progressive Web applications can be run in the background outside the browser and without consuming unnecessary resources.

Progressive Web applications are an evolution of Web applications that break the barrier between the web and mobile applications, being able to perform all the tasks that native applications carry out.

What is this type of subscription?

The PWA subscription gives access to the creation and publication of the application created on the Google Play and app Store platforms.

We also put at your disposal a basic package of functions with which you will be able to create practically any type of application in a short period of time obtaining the benefits of a native application.

The previous visualization of your application will be possible thanks to a function present in the administration panel to which you have full access.

Our applications are fully adaptable to any type of mobile device, web and tablet.

Do I have additional help or some kind of support?

If, when hiring any of our services will have a support and contact system, as well as a forum to which you have full access to consult on any questions as well as possible problems or errors that may arise in the process of creating The application.